Don’t Hold Your Breath

5 Feb 2017
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Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inhroecent. Not this!
25 Jan 2017
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Mr. Jones,

Allow me to commence sending you our gratitude for sharing your thoughts with us.  Within them, you address unequivocal truth that our seperation from the “Empire” regardless of whom is in power is needed for us to enjoy the fruits and promises f the Jeffersonia model of government.  

Like most Americans, I was most enthused about the Trump canddacy.  Presdent Trump has radical goals that need over 8 years to put in place, but the model employed, though may be the only on that could be used, requires him to take up the role of Bonaparte.  That we cannot afford.

I’m of the opinion that we delegates must push in full throttle in seperating our states.  It requires great effort from all of us to reak away the biggest hurdle, whether it’s voiced or not – fear.  Will we succeed?  What would happen if we fail?  What ill future would we need to endure, e.g. incarceration, loss of income, danger to our loved ones, mong others.  Are we ready for that?  I hope so.

No matter what steps we take in 2017, we need to be in constant communication.  But even more important than that is that we MUST take action, any action, TODAY.  If we lax, we shll only be a boys club of thinkers.

Again, I applaud your initiative and look forward in working with you and the rest of the members in the attainment of our pursiut.  Remember gentlemen – we are the fathers and mothers of our new Republic.  We will make history.  What history will that be depends soley on us.

ralph carpio

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