More Censorship on Twitter!


Twitter is now marking out entire accounts as sensitive.  If they feel like some liberal, crybaby snowflake might get triggered, they grey out your entire profile to others, including to your followers. I have been mutually following this person, @bbhack,  for years.  We tweet each other on a regular basis.


The previous ways Twitter censors are still employed.  I constantly receive tweets from followers who are telling me that my tweets don’t show up in their time lines. This tweet came in a few minutes ago, as I write this.


Twitter has my Tweet influence throttled down so low that I have practically no exposure.  This means that they only allow my tweets to be seen by a small percentage of my followers.  I have approximated it to be about 1% exposure.  When I make a tweet, it goes out to roughly 1000-2000 ...

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