What Should We Do With Illegals? VOTE Here!


I have long been a proponent of deporting all Illegal Aliens!  I want every single one sent home.  I have a zero tolerance for them.  Even the Anchor Babies should go.  The Constitution does not protect Anchor Babies.  I wrote a previous blog post entitled, “Yes We Can… Deport All Illegal Aliens,” to explain how it can be done.

It’s up to conservatives now what we do.  We won.  We elected President Donald Trump to take care of the illegal alien problem.  We elected President Trump to build a wall!  My opinion isn’t the only one.  Some conservatives are more compassionate for law breaking foreigners than I am.  I began to wonder if there are any reasons that I would allow any illegal aliens to stay, if it were entirely up to me.

What occurred to me ...

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