California Senate Passes Bill to End Support for Most Federal Immigration Enforcement

SACRAMENTO (Apr. 3, 2017) – Today, the California Senate passed a bill to withdraw state resources from the enforcement of most federal immigration laws.  Passage into law will likely have the effect of further nullifying those federal acts in practice.

Introduced by Sen. President Kevin de Leon and 11 co-sponsors, Senate Bill 54 (SB54) was passed by a 27-12 vote today.

Known as the “California Values Act,” the bill would “prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies and school police and security departments from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes” in most situations.

New amendments to the bill added last Thursday would allow sheriff’s deputies to report the release dates of serious and violent felons to ICE. The changes also clarified the language of the bill to allow state and local law enforcement agencies to participate in task forces, even when immigration ...

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