by: Joan Hough

The most flamboyantly successful of all Confederate Female spies

 were two, born in Virginia, moved to Ohio, sisters known for bedazzling Yankee soldiers

with girly sighs and clever, mesmerizing Southern lies,

Daughters of Dr. Robert S. Moon and Cynthia Ann Sullivan, they were named Virginia Bethel Moon and Cynthia Charlotte Moon, and called Ginnie and Lottie.

By today’s standards they were nothing more, nothing less, than

two fabulous, totally scintillating and amazing, Confederate hotties!

Their Virginia Daddy, Robert Moon’s passion for the South was undiluted when they all moved to Ohio.

It ignited in his daughters a form of Southern devotion, achieving the level of oh, my oh!

The daughters became Copperhead Confederates from the tips of pretty toes to the tops of lovely heads of hair.

For them, aiding the South was never an Oh, oh, no, but always a go, go, go!  

During the ...

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