Signed by the Governor: Mississippi Law to Ban Sanctuary Cities Actually Doesn’t

JACKSON, Miss. (Apr. 4, 2017) – Last week, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a bill that many have claimed will “outlaw sanctuary cities” in the state. However, a closer reading of the bill shows it does not.

Sen. Sean Tindell (R-Gulfport) sponsored Senate Bill 2719 (SB2710). As originally introduced, it would have banned so-called sanctuary policies on a local level and required all local governments in Mississippi to enforce federal immigration laws to the full extent permitted by federal law. Original provisions in the bill required state and local law enforcement officers to assist federal agencies in the enforcement of federal immigration law and to inform federal authorities when they took an undocumented immigrant into custody.

Those requirements were amended out in a Senate committee. As passed, SB2710 has a much narrower focus. While widely reported as prohibiting sanctuary cities, the new law does not address ...

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