Sunday April 9, 1865.


On April 9, 1865, near Appomattox Court House, Virginia, Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to Union General Ulysses S. Grant. Days earlier, Lee had abandoned the Confederate capital of Richmond and the city of Petersburg; his goal was to rally the remnants of his beleaguered troops, meet Confederate reinforcements in North Carolina and resume fighting. The resulting Battle of Appomattox Court House, which lasted only a few hours, effectively brought the four-year Civil War to an end
. Editors note: The Confederate Government however did not surrender and went into exile. President Davis would not yield in his imprisonment and the Union Government dare not risk in a trial what was won on the battlefield. 

BATTLE OF APPOMATTOX COURT HOUSE:In retreat from the Union army’s Appomattox campaign, which began in March 1865, the Army of Northern Virginia, stumbled westward through ...

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