Who is to Blame for the Immigration Situation?

These days, a lot of people who were previously supportive – have abandoned any support for federalism, the 10th Amendment, and the Constitution more generally – in favor of centralized power to stop what they see as a crisis of immigration. They blame states or localities for the problem, but is that the right approach?

Here’s an insightful commenter on a Mises.org post from last week. Mark S. writes:

It is important to understand the root of the immigration “crisis,” which can be described as the presence of 11+ million “illegal” immigrants in the country, is a federal government infrastructure that simply does not do its job. Those individuals enter the country by overstaying a visa or illegally crossing an international border. Since the 1970s, employers are required to verify identify (usually with a driver’s license) and right to work in the US (usually proven with a social ...

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