$26 Billion: Congressional Oversight Committee Discovers Truth To Sanctuary City Funds


Sanctuary Now

A protestor demonstrates in support of sanctuary cities. But, if the Trump administration pulls federal funding from these cities, it will amount to billions of dollars in lost taxpayer dollars.

A newly released oversight report by watchdog group Open the Books, uncovered the price of keeping sanctuary cities afloat. According to new data, if the Trump administration pulls federal funding from the 106 cities, it would free up over $26 billion. That’s more than enough to pay for the border wall.

Trump caused a significant amount of controversy with one of his first acts in office. The Executive Order, Enhancing Public Safety of the Interior of the United States calls for the federal funding to be cut off from any city who fails to comply with federal immigration law. As it turns it, that’s much of America.

The new report, gleaned information from a number of sources, including specific ...

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