4 Death Clinics Bite The Dust As Planned Parenthood Learns Defunding Bill Was No Joke

Abortion supporters outraged over Iowa's decision to defund Planned Parenthood (pictured above).

Abortion supporters outraged demanding the right to murder babies (pictured above).

One of the primary duties of government is to protect life. For some reason, many on the left have interpreted this to mean only life outside of the womb. However, this position is based on an outdated understanding of human development. It’s now clear that life begins long before the child leaves the womb. Fortunately, many Republicans understand this and are pushing to expand the rights of the unborn.

Iowa is leading the fight against abortion. Their Governor, Terry Branstad (R), recently signed a bill defunding abortion. As a result, Planned Parenthood just closed several of their abortion-providing locations.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R).

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R).

Earlier this year, Branstad signed House File 653 into law, effectively cutting off roughly $3 million in taxpayer funds to organizations that provide abortions. Thanks to him, Iowans are no longer forced to support feticide. ...

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