Civil War Museum Shutting Down As Liberal Politicians Issue Request For Removal Of History


Nash Farm Battlefield Museum will close June 1st after a local politician hounded organizers into removing the Confederate flag.

Operations at an Atlanta Civil War museum will be permanently shuttered next month after a liberal politician demanded that several Confederate flags be removed.

Henry County Commissioner Dee Clemmons insisted that the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum bow to public pressure and erase an integral symbol of history. Organizers felt that complying with the demand would compromise their integrity. They decided to shut the museum down rather than present a whitewashed version of history.

“To exclude any Confederate flag would mean the historical value has been taken from our exhibits, and a fair interpretation could not be presented to each guest,” the group wrote on Facebook. “Confederate flags were on this hallowed ground, as were the Union flags. To remove either of them would be a dishonor.”


Confederate flags remain highly ...

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