Confederate Monument Vandalized By Antifas In St. Louis

It never stops with these people.

This is the new thing for “our fellow Americans” who call themselves Antifas. They have nothing better to do than to vandalize our historic monuments under the cover of darkness:

“ST. LOUIS – Protesters and counterprotesters squared off Tuesday evening at the Confederate Memorial in Forest Park.

The groups on opposite sides of the debate over whether the statue on the north side of the park near the Missouri History Museum should stay or go were mostly peaceful in their separate protests.

The monument has been targeted for relocation by Mayor Lyda Krewson, as it was by her predecessor. It’s part of a national movement in some cities to relocate Confederate statuary away from public spaces due to their connection to slavery and white supremacy. …

A line of St. Louis Police officers watched as the groups gathered near the monument, which was ringed by a waist-high metal barrier. At one point, some of the protesters went through the barricade and marred the statue with a comment that included a profanity.

Overnight the monument was vandalized with blue spray paint and phrases including “stop defending injustice,” “this is treason,” “no KKK” and “black ...

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