Mexicans Died, Lincoln Won


Few Americans are aware of Hispanics fighting for the United States before there was a United States. In 1779, 220 of Hispanics reached what is now St. Louis before 1200 Brits and Indian allies did — defeated the enemy and chased them back to Canada.

That was followed by brilliant and strategic victories at Baton Rouge, Mobile Bay, the Bahamas and the Mother of all Battles at Pensacola where 1400 Mexicans, Cubans, Spanish and Puerto Rican soldiers defeated the largest British fortress on the Gulf of Mexico. General Bernardo Galvez took 45 ships with men to Yorktown where he placed them under the command of General George Washington.

In New Mexico 4000 Mexican Americans volunteered for Civil War Union forces. They were led by Colonel Miguel Pino. Texas Mexican Americans formed 12 companies of Union cavalry.

In California, state Senator Romualdo Pacheco was appointed by Governor Leland Stanford Brigadier General ...

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