News From Around the South 5/22 to 5/29

MICHIGAN: Activists Gather to Burn Confederate Flag

DETROIT — By Memorial Day evening, after the parades had passed and most of the smoke from barbecues and fireworks had lifted from neighbourhoods across the United States, activists in Detroit were just starting their flag burning.

John Sims held a folded Confederate flag and placed it gently into a pit of flames.

“Amen! Yes!” spectators responded.

A crowd of people, young and old, black and white, fixed their eyes on the burning nylon as it curled inward, sending up trails of oily smoke. After the reds, whites and blues had blackened, they approached with their own Confederate tinder, tossing paper flag after paper flag into the pit.

The cremation of the Confederate flag ended. Funeral Director John Sims led the not-so-bereaved back inside, where a hip-hop remix of the southern anthem “Dixie” kicked off the after party. The jovial gatherers mingled ...

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