NO MORE TAR AND GRAVEL ON OUR ROADS
                            Petition to make our roads safe
Southern Cross needs your support getting Surry County to fix our
road conditions and maintenance procedures. Our roads in Surry,
Stokes and Wilkes County, like Judsville School Road, Haystack
Road, Red Hill Creek Road, and many others in the surrounding
areaare hazardous, and unfit for safe travel. Our roads have
places that are so narrow, certain vehicles take up an entire lane
and cause unsafe conditions for other travelers. Also during
rainstorms we have certain roads that can hold almost an inch of
standing water with no drainage trench, or storm drains. Our
roads need guard rails, notifications for dangerous turns, and
proper maintenance. Our county’s procedures for fixing the roads
are laughable, road crews spreading gravel and tar that will be knocked into a ditch within a day. Spreading tar does nothing to ...

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