Twitter Suspends @A_M_Perez For Revealing Their Censorship!


Twitter permanently suspended my account, @A_M_Perez, for calling them out on censorship.  At first I couldn’t figure out why Twitter suspended my account.  They had no reason.  I had broken no Twitter rules.  I had not even been on Twitter much for a week.  I had been in no debates nor even spoken to any snowflake liberals.  Debating liberals and making them sad is the reason my account was shadowbanned so harshly that most of my 122,000 followers couldn’t see my tweets.

I finally figured out why Twitter suspended me after I tried appealing the suspension.  Apparently Jack Dorsey and the other children who work at Twitter, don’t like being called out on their censorship practices.  They constantly censor tweets and entire accounts with throttling, shadowbans and other techniques designed to keep others from seeing your tweets.  Their primary targets for ...

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