A Casus Belli For Squashing The Left: Steve Scalise May Die From Gunshot Wound

In many countries, an assassination of a major official for blatant political reasons/causes would be enough to trigger what could be easily referred to as a purge; a crackdown on all those who may have aided, abetted, or stoked the rage of the killer(s) responsible.

Politicians like (((Bernie Sanders))) and Maxine Waters would be dragged away from Capitol Hill in cuffs, journalists – many of whom are of the Jewish genotype – would be censored and oftentimes arrested, and groups aligning themselves (even loosely) to the criminal(s) would be immediately banned.

In some cases, after a series of speedy trials, several prisons would be bathed for quite a good long while in the glorious smells of gunpowder and the death of traitors/terrorists.

But here in America, we only have prayers, Twitter hashtags, and a sold-out Congressional baseball game to resist a now-violent Leftist uprising against what they perceive to be ...

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