A Relic Of A Better Time Moves On: Rest In Peace, Batman

It’s with great sorrow that I announce the death of Adam West today – he apparently passed on into the great beyond after a brief fight against a swift form of leukemia.

Despite the long years that have gone by since West brought the Batman character into the limelight as a humorous escape from reality, White men still remember the good old days, which were a time when Jewish domination of the media was still not entirely complete, and degeneracy was still frowned upon and censored.

60’s Batman, know that you will never be forgotten, and know that we on the Alt-Right will do all we can to encourage younger generations to enjoy your lighthearted and playful work.

I myself will do so with my baby son once he gets older, as so much on television has become inundated with filth (even some Christian-themed programs are now corrupted with multicultural ...

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