America’s Pastor-Led Abandonment Of The Great Commission

Does your Pastor embrace the Gospel-fueled Great Commission?

Or does he not?

Is your Pastor all about the full life-, culture-, and civilization Gospel?

Or is his gospel something smaller.

Much smaller.

As in: man-sized with no room for anything else.

Sadly, it’s this little man-sized, eek-a-person-into-heaven counterfeit gospel that has become the norm in most self-described “conservative, Bible believing” (and even “Reformed”) churches in America…which tells us all we need to know about how and why the American culture has come to its current pathetic and getting-worse-by-the-minute state.

In it’s place, they’ve embraced a sort of neo-Gnostic, hyper-spiritualized, insanely pietistic alternative worldview that enables and encourages the preemptive surrender of any area of life, culture, and civilization deemed not to fit into the teeny, tiny, man-made counterfeit definition of “spiritual”.

In their open rejection and replacement of the everything-touching, everything-defining Gospel-fueled Great Commission of Jesus Christ, these often kind seeming, friendly Pastors and church leaders are, in reality, escorting the culture (and everyone in it) to hell.

Despite the warm smiles and bajillions of vague social media posts describing the loveliness of Christ or the sovereignty of God or some similarly lofty thing, the lofty stuff never seems to have any detailed application in real life ...

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