Anti-Southern Councilor Defeated in Charlottesville, VA

Councilor Bob Fenwick of Charlottesville, Virginia has lost his re-election bid in the Democratic primary after being criticized for his efforts at removing a statue of General Robert E. Lee. NBC 29 reports that Fenwick acknowledges the role his vote may have played in his defeat but remains defiantly anti-Southern:

A Charlottesville city councilor lost his re-election bid in the 2017 primary elections.

He believes Tuesday’s primary was a referendum on the city’s confederate monument debate.

The free speech wall the following Wednesday morning boosted that belief. It had a message that said “Fenwick gone, RE Lee still here.”

…He also says he wouldn’t change his mind about voting to remove the statue of confederate General Robert E. Lee from a city park.

Fenwick is from St. Louis, Missouri and is 72 years old. He was endorsed by EPiC (Equality and Progress in Charlottesville), a far-Left activist group.

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