Antifa Protest Hoax Continues to Rock Texas

When the statement from the Texas Nationalist Movement was released yesterday regarding the allegations of the “Texas Antifa” protest of the Sam Houston Monument being a hoax, it caused a political earthquake. The resulting aftershocks have shaken loose new information including a direct communication from the creator of a Facebook page named “Texas Antifa.”

Around 8:30 last night, we received a message from a man calling himself Eric, claiming to be the creator of the “Texas Antifa” Facebook page. In the initial salvo of messages, he admitted that the page is a “satire,” and produced proof that he is indeed an administrator of the page.

He also claimed that his motive for creating the page was to identify and out Antifa supporters, piercing their veil of anonymity. “I list every Antifa member I find on a few of the homeland and local gov pages I have.”

When ...

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