Austin, TX Mayor Adler: Muslims Welcome in My Town

Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler, a Jewish lawyer from Washington, DC, stood beside Muslim immigrants and religious leaders yesterday in opposition to a small anti-Sharia law protest at the State capitol. Adler held a sign which read “Muslims welcome in my town.”

The mayor was previously the chair of the Anti-Defamation League Austin Region. Adler has long been a strong advocate of non-White immigration and earlier this year KUT quoted him as boasting that in 2016 the city successfully brought in 600 immigrants from the Middle East and Africa:

“I just want the immigrant and refugee community in this city to know that we are a welcoming and supportive community and that they are an important part of our community and in this community they should feel welcome and safe,” said Adler.

…Adler also reiterated his support for Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez. Since Hernandez announced a new ...

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