British General Election: Cat Lady Down, Corbyn Rising, Nigel Back, And Hung Parliaments

NOTE: If you’re not a native or a student of British politics, I highly encourage you to read this linked article on hung parliaments – it will go a long way towards explaining how the future will unfold.

NOTE 2: Please remember before you post about this election possibly ruining Brexit that May had been dragging her feet on the issue since assuming office – my guess is that little to nothing would have changed with her at the helm.

Man, I’m glad I didn’t go visit the bookie today, for I would be out at least a bag or two of shiny shekels – but I’m happy nonetheless.

Basically, Britain has seen the best conceivable outcome (even better than if Corbyn had won outright, in my opinion, and perhaps the average Englishman will at last be able to see the foolishness of Democracy – especially during times of dire ...

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