British General Election: Indefatigable Cat Lady Set To Hold The Line (NOT)

I covered the last British General Election, the Brexit vote, and the subsequent Jewing that followed the collapse of the Cameron Regime, but today I’m feeling little enthusiasm over this happening.

The British people have chosen, largely due to their gross materialism, apathy, and loss of religious faith, to allow their nation to be overrun with the dregs of the Third World, and to have their children turned into sex slaves, ball-bearing targets, and kebab.

And before anybody jumps on me for excluding the Jews and Communists, know that I have time and time again condemned them for their part in destroying Britain – it’s just that the people themselves had golden opportunities to free themselves but chose the path of ruin instead.

From Telegraph:

Theresa May is on course to increase her majority in the House of Commons with a final General Election 2017 poll giving the Tories a ...

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