By what double standard? (A response to pro-AHA™/Lone Ranger Christian “journalism”)

Lest there be any confusion, this is a direct response to an article posted at American Vision in which I was referenced indirectly and implicitly again and again and again in a hit piece that, while making precise references obviously aimed at yours truly, diligently refused to directly link, quote, or engage with what I’ve actually written in detail on the subject of the Lone Ranger Christianity movement that has taken root within the broader AHA™ camp…all while whining about how ridiculous it is to attack views without accurately representing them.

Not. Even. Kidding.

Rather than mimic what I think can (and should) fairly be described as the cowardly approach taken in this AV piece, I’d like to quote directly and extensively from the American Vision article in question, beginning with its opening:

“There is an intense debate on ecclesiology going on in Reconstructionist circles, but the rhetoric seems more intense than ...

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