Christ-Centered Teaching Produces Christ-Like Character

Claiming to be a Christian does not make one a Christian. Few would disagree with this simple statement, though more seem to be inching (or flat out running) away from even this once obvious truth as our culture doubles down on an approach reality defined by emotion, subjectivity, and pet causes over objective truth and consistent standards.

In our current emotion- and agenda-driven landscape, it’s easy to understand why we have all manner of false converts chasing after all manner of false teachers. Different groups have different “felt needs”. Different people have different pet causes, different favorite issues, and different distinctive itches that they want scratched.

The particular cause, issue, or itch isn’t the point here. The point is our propensity to elevate causes, issues, or other desires to a place of imbalanced obsession (aka “idolatry”).

When we make a thing The Thing, while setting aside the things that the Word of ...

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