Corey Stewart Almost Pulls Off Upset in Virginia

Upstart Corey Stewart, who campaigned on protecting Confederate monuments and deporting illegal immigrants, narrowly lost the race for the Republican Party’s nomination for governor in Virginia, the New York Times reports. In the end Stewart fell slightly short losing by about 1% to GOP establishment darling and heavy favorite Ed Gillespie. Stewart was condemned by the Virginia GOP for labeling Gillespie a “cuckservative.” Gillespie called a recent pro-Confederate rally by the Alt-Right in Charlottesville, Virginia an “ugly display of divisive rhetoric and intimidation tactics.” The Republican insider had a massive funding advantage over Stewart with approximately $2.4 million to $186,000.

Gillespie will almost surely lose the governor’s race to Democrat nominee Ralph Northam who won nearly twice as many votes in the primaries. The two nominees won essentially the same heavily liberal parts of the Commonwealth that are mostly populated by non-Whites, immigrants and Northern ...

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