Democrats Won’t Moderate Message – Even to Win

Rich Lowery makes an interesting observation in a recent article that liberals push back strongly against any proposal to deviate from “Democratic orthodoxy on race, guns and immigration” even when running in conservative-leaning areas. He points out that their nominee in the recent Georgia special election for Congress was an “orthodox liberal who conceded nothing on cultural issues, even though he was running in a Republican district in the South.” Lowery, a leading neo-conservative, would be loath to admit it but nominating a young Jewish Left-wing activist with a foreign-sounding name didn’t help the Democratic cause either. It was bad enough that Jon Ossoff was extremely liberal, but he was also alien to most Georgians.

Lowery doesn’t explain why Democrats are unwilling to compromise on hot button issues but I will put forth two reasons here. Firstly, Democrats are used to the idea that they have already won demographically. Non-Whites babies already outnumber White babies, meaning that the future belongs to the Democrats. Even if all further immigration was halted immediately the anti-White Leftt would win in this system because they won the demograpbic war. Only revolutionary change could prevent this. Democrats are used to reading in their ...

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