Does Texas Love Trump?

Roughly a year ago if you told conservatives that the next president would appoint ​a staunch conservative to the SCOTUS, Dept of Education and EPA, pass the Keystone Pipeline, cancel the Trans Pacific Partnership and withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord within the first six months in office their first reaction would probably be “It’s good to know that Ted Cruz will win.” Equally they would be surprised to learn that the president would be Donald Trump.

Donald Trump won Texas with 53 percent of the vote. That is hardly a landslide. Many Texans were not overly excited about Trump but even less so about Hillary Clinton. Perhaps now more Texans are better pleased with the activities of President Trump when they can get news outside the squelching megaphones of the mainstream press that are determined to do everything possible to destroy the president rather than focus on what is good for America. According to the Texas Tribune most Texans that are registered to vote disapprove of President Trump while most Republican Texans are greatly supportive of the president; which is rather confusing considering Texas is a red state for the biggest part.

In Texas; however, first and foremost ...

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