Drag queen performance “horrifies” parents at public school talent show…but not enough to yank their kids from public school, of course.

If you thought that something like a literal drag queen erotic dance performance at a public school talent show would be enough to get parents to yank their kids from public school, you’d be wrong.

Oh, but don’t worry, the parents in question were “horrified”. They were “outraged”.

Like they always are when they hear about or experience something like a drag queen dance in front of elementary school kiddies.

But they never seem to be “horrified” or “outraged” enough to actually repent of having ever sent their kids into such a satanic hellhole for worldview training, do they?


The most recent dragalicious episode of “outraged” public school parents not being outraged enough to actually do the right thing comes by way of an article posted by The New York Daily News, titled: Parents ‘horrified’ after man performs surprise drag show at Manhattan school talent event.

Here’s how the “horror” was chronicled ...

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