Farstar Returns – Parroting the TV – “the Russians are Behind Everything”

I have been very honored to work with the brilliant comic artist Farstar. He produces and publishes his political work in British places like Australia, South Africa, Canada and not so Merry Old England. Here in the USA, I’ve collaborated with Farstar to produce graphic art propaganda against the MS Federal Hate Crime Act and anti White, political correctness on American college campuses.

This week Farstar and I have turned our attention to the seemingly insane “American” media elite/Lib Dem elite/Cuckservative elites’ obsessions with the THE RUSSIANS. The Russians supposedly stole the Presidential election from Hillary. There supposedly is a Russian spy behind every bush and President Trump and Trump administration officials are “in bed will the Russians” (I wish I was in bed with some of those beautiful Russian tennis players).

Here’s Farstar’s and my take on all the repetitious talk, talk, talk about THE RUSSIANS – it’s just ...

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