Genius: Implicit White Supremacy?

Recently, the term genius has come under fire for its historical, etymological, and practical associations with masculinity and maleness. Wherefore the usual suspects in academia have deemed it “sexist” both in terminology and concept. And it is the case that while women have a slightly higher uniform IQ than males whose intelligence gathers at further extremities, high and low, genius clusters to men. And on that basis, the concept of genius is a newly discovered secular sin.

Of course, the sane remnant will all roll their eyes, have a good laugh at the lunatic antics of the Left, and determine to troll liberals with the term genius for as long as it provides amusement.

In spite of its madness, we all know these sorts of deranged academic pronouncements are ratified through media and pop culture in such a way, and to such degree, that the churches now typically succumb to every new secular revelation inside a handful of years. And the window between these secular epiphanies and their embrace in the ecclesiastic realm is constantly narrowing.

But embarking on this path, it is apparent that this word genius is pregnant with much more potential for the Left. One Dr. Delap ...

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