George Will on the Horrors of the Past and Our Glorious Future

George Will continues to abandon even the slightest pretense that he is genuinely conservative. Granted, it’s been quite a while since Will has fooled any actual conservatives into thinking that he’s one of us. George Will’s dubious conservative credentials were exposed as early as 1986 by the great and sorely-missed Sam Francis. Francis observes that Will’s career is based upon deriving from “more or less unexceptionable premises of classical conservatism policy positions that are often congruent with the current liberal agenda.” This is a fancy way of saying that George Will is a dyed-in-the-wool cuckservative. For decades Will has shilled for liberal policies such as the welfare state, liberal democracy, and of course open borders, all while masquerading as a conservative. It’s no surprise then that Will’s conservatism has failed to stem the tide of liberalism in any meaningful way.

George Will continues to demonstrate his credentials as a ...

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