Good News! Central European Nations Unite Against Migrant Invasions

It’s easy to get burnt out on negativity, bad news. It’s easy to give in to doom and despair. And there certainly is a lot of negative news in places like not so Merry Old England, Western Europe led by that childless, dying old hag woman chancellor of Germany or the pro Muslim, Liberation Theology CINO (Catholic in Name Only) Pope Francis.

But, the good news is that Central and Eastern Europe is looking and sounding great – never better!

“Defense officials of six Central European countries and the Balkans have pledged close cooperation in tackling migration with all possible means including use of armed forces. The countries — Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia — have created a grouping called the Central European Defense Cooperation and want to be a role model for the entire European Union.”

My experience has been that Central and Eastern Europeans have always been sensible about issues of race, Islam and also Jews – much better than Western Europeans or Brits or Swedes or us “Amurikuns”.

My great Aunt Sonia was born and raised in Czarist Russia. She lived in Paris France from the 1930s – 2000. She lived through ...

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