Gunless in Seattle

If you guessed the caption pic is that of another lunatic anti-gun liberal you’d be spot on. They all have that sort of snarky look. Tim Burgess is a Democratic Seattle city councilman and nitwit amateur social scientist that in 2015 introduced and was instrumental in passing the city’s gun and ammo tax. His idea was to place a 5-cent tax on every round of ammunition sold and a $25 levy on each gun purchase. After all, he is a liberal and what liberal doesn’t like stealing other people’s money and wasting it upon stupidity? The idea was to create a fund for gun-violence research at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center. The shakedown, uh I mean tax, was expected to raise between 300 to 500 thousand dollars to supplement the 275 thousand dollars allocated/stolen from city coffers. Of course, like all hair brained progressive ideas, the downside was never considered.

Instead of the three to five hundred grand expected, officials say the amount is less than two hundred thousand. No one will comment specifically on a true number. More truthful sources state an amount of just over a 100K.

What were the economic consequences? In 2015 the city identified “15 gun ...

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