It’s time to recognize the flood…and build accordingly.

Prideful, unrepentant leadership…leading prideful, unrepentant masses of Americans.

Apathetic, impotent American churches.

Unbiblical, authority- and discipline-despising movements masquerading as “true Christianity”.

Rampant State dependence and the open worship of America itself, both promoted and enabled by wicked political leadership and apathetic church leadership.

A gender chaos movement that effortlessly sweeps and transforms the culture under the “shocked and horrified” watch of the aforementioned apathetic, impotent churches.

You wouldn’t think that things like this happening on a massive, culture-defining scale would leave much room for things like true peace, hope, joy, and even excitement in the lives of Christians in America.

But you’d be wrong.

The fact of such apparent judgment pouring down from God upon our prideful, unrepentant land is reason for great hope and even excitement when we recognize the incredible privilege that we’ve been given to take up the Gospel-fueled Great Commission and build lifeboats of Kingdom-minded civilization in such ...

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