James Dickey Elected RPT Chairman. We Talk to Some That Were There

For those that are involved with the Texas Nationalist Movement, few names elicit a more negative response than Tom Mechler. Mechler was chiefly responsible for detaching a party plank calling for a referendum on Texas independence during last year’s Texas GOP convention. So, it was with much excitement that we learned of his imminent resignation and coming replacement. To this end, last Saturday, the Senior Republican Executive Committee held a vote to replace the out-going chairman, and James Dickey beat out opponent Rick Figueroa to become the next RPT chairman.

SREC member Scott Stratton took some time to share with me his impressions about Dickey, the process on Saturday’s vote, and what we should expect from a GOP under his leadership. In his view, the contest between Dickey and Figueroa was essentially a match between the conservative grass roots and “Dallas progressive elites.”  For the member voters, it all ...

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