Jeff Sessions Performs Admirably Against Senatorial Snakes, Blasts Russian Hacking Hoax

While I still feel like the Jeff Sessions recusal earlier this year was one of the dumbest things ever done by the Attorney General throughout his long career, my worries are actually slightly tamed after today’s excellent testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Sessions’ statements were clear, concise, and straightforward all across the board, and while we didn’t really get to see fireworks and fiasco like those during last week’s hearings involving the World’s Tallest Cuckold, there were a few highlights that will hopefully one day go down in American history.

Like the chastisement of Oregonian Jew Ron Wyden:

And the show of superior White intelligence against hysterical Mystery Meat Kamala Harris – be careful, Donald, because I see her possibly running in 2020:

From Politico:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday forcefully denied he engaged in any collusion with Russian officials during the campaign, calling such a ...

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