Margaret Jacobsen: I Am Uncomfortable With My Kids Making White Friends

Margaret E. Jacobsen has a new article for Romper explaining her discomfort with her mulatto children making White friends. Jacobsen wears a ring through her nose like a bull, describes herself as “non-binary” and “polyamorous” and refers to her postpartum depression as a “mental illness” that she “live[s] with” years after the fact. She politicizes her children and dates White cucks despite harboring open resentment towards Whites.

Jacobsen writes in her latest article about how interactions with White color-blind liberals in Portland, Oregon make her uncomfortable:

My children are black and white. They’re extremely proud of their race, but still, I get nervous when my kids make friends with white children. That’s not because I’m anti-white, or because I think that white children make terrible friends. It’s more that I get nervous about what these children are being taught in their homes by their white parents. I get nervous about the language used, statements like “We don’t see color!” or “We don’t even notice that your son/daughter are black!” Or even, “We don’t talk about race with our children. It’s too much for them right now.”

My children know who they are and where ...

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