Muslim Terrorist Attack Thwarted In Paris

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming:

“PARIS — A car exploded as it crashed into a police vehicle on Paris’s famed Champs Élysées on Monday, fatally wounding its driver, in what authorities called a probably terrorist attack.

Police were treating the incident as a deliberate attack, and the Paris prosecutor had opened an anti-terror investigation as of late Monday afternoon.

“Once again, French security forces were targeted with this attempted attack on the Champs-Elysees,” Collomb said, adding that “a number of weapons, explosives to blow up this car” were discovered at the scene. …”

This is the fifth such attack in four months. It was carried out by another known wolf. Jihadists couldn’t go 24 hours without resetting the narrative to Muslim terrorism.

Note: The common denominator in all of these attacks is Islam and its incompatibility with Western civilization. Western liberals can’t admit the obvious without denying their own faith.

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