Nashville Metro Council Passes Ordinance Taking First Step Toward Limiting the Surveillance State

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 13, 2017) – Last week, the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County overwhelmingly passed an ordinance taking the first step toward limiting the unchecked use of surveillance technologies that violate basic privacy rights and feed into a broader national surveillance state.

Councilman Dave Rosenberg introduced ordinance No. BL2017-646 in March. The new law requires law enforcement agencies to get council approval by a resolution adopted after a public meeting before deploying or obtaining certain surveillance technology. Approval will be required before police can take the following actions.

(1) Installing unmanned surveillance technology onto or within the public right of way, unless the same type of surveillance technology is already in use by the entity; and  the number of new devices does not represent more than a fifty percent (50%) increase in the total number of devices of the same type already in use by the ...

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