New York and New Amsterdam?

The New Amsterdam and New York regions of New York State

The word “secession” often conjures up the War Between the States or a small disgruntled province declaring its independence from an abusive parent country. However, sometimes even smaller societies desire greater autonomy and declare their independence. Such is the case in New York State.

Vermont seceded from New York, as well as from Quebec and New Hampshire, in 1777. 240 years later Divide NYS Caucus aims to partition upstate New York from downstate New York using a state constitutional convention. That raises more than a few questions! First, what convention?

Constitutional Conventions

Not to be confused with a national constitutional convention that could amend or replace the United States Constitution, a state constitutional convention allows state delegates to amend their state constitution. The New York Constitution explicitly allows for such a convention every twenty years. Next year presents the third opportunity since 1957 for a convention, the first ...

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