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FLORIDA: Telling the Whole Story Could End Monument Debate

Although Hillsborough County Commissioner Victor Crist has been a politician serving in elective office for more than 24 consecutive years, he also has something of a creative side.1200px-Courthouse_&_Confederate_Memorial-Hillsborough_County,_Florida

As the president of an advertising agency he founded in college, Crist’s day job involves rebranding clients who might be suffering from a poor public image. That experience is why Crist thinks the citizens should pay attention to his plan to solve the brewing controversy over the idea of removing a Confederate monument in the county.

The Confederate Soldier’s Monument, which now sits outside of the County Courthouse, features the carvings of two soldiers, one representing the northern side preparing for war, and a soldier from the South looking downcast, returning back from the war.

While he believes that some Confederate monuments are distasteful and need to be altered, Crist said this isn’t ...

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