One Way Or Another, Our “Free Money” Heroin Habit Is Coming To An End

The stock market soars.

Home prices skyrocket.

Our military grows, both in size and scope of activity.

And we think that all is well…or at least better than it was yesterday.

Clearly we are in denial.

Serious denial.

Denial of our addiction.

Denial of our dependence.

Denial of our bondage.

And as tends to be the case with addicts, our ongoing denial is enabled primarily through continued use of the very substance to which we’ve become hopelessly addicted.

So we keep right on hitting on the public school, social security, and welfare/warfare state crack pipes. As long as the fruits of fake money continue to fill our bellies, our garages, our bank accounts, and our American dreams, we are more than happy to go on pretending. As long as the American Jenga Tower of Babel manages somehow remain standing, no matter how wildly it may be swaying, we are happy ...

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