Referendum on Puerto Rico Statehood

Puerto Rico Flag

Last Sunday (6/11/17) Puerto Ricans went to the polls to vote in a nonbinding referendum on the future status of the commonwealth. Since, as reported, 97% chose U.S. statehood, obviously the majority want to join the union. Or, do they? Maybe this is another island looking for a bailout.

The Election

In the lead-up to the fifth referendum on Puerto Rico statehood, the ruling New Progressive Party (PNP) had been lobbying heavily for statehood. The other two major parties—the Popular Democratic Party and the Working People’s Party—had been urging a boycott of the election because they are opposed to statehood. As a consequence, the 23% of eligible voters who turned out to vote were almost exclusively in favor of statehood while the 77% who stayed home opposed it. Hence, it’s no surprise that 97% of the voters were in favor.

Recapping the numbers, 97% of 23% of ...

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