Robert E. Lee vs. Anne Frank: Monuments as a Proxy War Between Competing Worldviews

So, the Left wants Southerners to celebrate MLK Jr and recognize Black History Month, the Holocaust, and other events of importance to non-whites and non-Southerners, but in turn they want to take down our flags, monuments, and every other vestige of our cultural inheritance? I don’t much like that deal. Do you, Mr and Mrs Southerner?
– Michael Hill

What it took the entire infernal apparatus of Red Abe Lincoln’s federal government four years to accomplish, and that still very imperfectly, has been done in little more than a fortnight. New Orleans, under the diktats of its grubby mealworm of a mayor Mitch Landrieu and the rest of his corrupt Bolshevik clan, removed in succession the Crescent City’s monuments of Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard, and, as a final capstone, Robert E. Lee. Thus was mollified the baying for blood of the professional ‘restitution’ brigade….for an hour ...

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