Russia Claims That Al-Baghdadi May Have Been Killed In A Recent Airstrike

Wouldn’t it be funny to find out that the big, bad, evil, and dictatorial Russians were the ones who finally put an end to one of the worst terrorists ever to emerge in modern history?

Honestly, it would be a wonderful slap in the face to those in the United States who have trumpeted the ridiculous “War On Terror” for well over half a generation – while all the while sponsoring Moslem enemies from Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Libya, to Chechnya, and beyond.

And in case you’re wondering if I made a typo there when I mentioned Chechnya, go ahead and watch the first part of The Putin Interviews (you should view the whole thing) – I won’t spoil it for you, but Vlad goes into some interesting detail concerning American involvement in one of the nastiest fights Russia has had to deal with in recent decades.

From RT:

The ...

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