#SBC17: Campaign to Un-Cuck the Southern Baptist Church

Over the past hundred years, many in The South have come to identify not only with Americanism, but Zionism,  Liberalism, and now Globalism as sacred causes; willing to offer themselves on the altar of those who, at best, see them as stalwart pawns, and at worst, actively labor toward their dispossession.

What if that ended?

We are governed by a managerial class possessing power on a scale the world has never before seen. It derives its power from a spectrum of factors that have proven to be incredibly resilient to outside efforts of co-option, resistance, or fragmentation, and it is made all the more secure by having grafted an ideology of cosmopolitanism onto the root and branch of local institutions and structures.

This is certainly true for The South. What power we generate is co-opted by this system, serving to help drive a dynamo that ultimately works toward our undoing. ...

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