Secession Down Under: The Aussies like it too!

By now, everyone’s heard of Brexit.  Partisan readers also no doubt saw the article on the Catalan independence movement last week. Well, did you know that there are secessionist movements within Australia as well?

Western Australia’s roots in go all the way back to a popular referendum in 1933 to form its own country.  The Commonwealth period had not yet begun, and all of Australia was still under British rule.  Parliament stalled, and eventually the chaos of World War 2 put an end to the effort. Although the 1933 effort ultimately failed, renewed secessionist impulses revived briefly in the 1970’s but never went anywhere. Yet, there remains devotees to the idea, those who diligently work spreading their ideas, ready for the time when they can harness unpopular sentiments for the East and split off into their own nation.

Besides the Westralia movement, there are also movements to change ...

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