Southern Baptist vs Dixie Baptist

This is a  response to the recent article An Argument for a Church of Dixie which I mostly agree with and find an encouraging and necessary step forward. I do agree that we need an uncucked Protestant denomination as they all seem to be SJW converged. It is easy to see that the Southern Baptist denomination was originally unapologetically racist, white supremacist and even pro slavery and I think we can take it for granted that they would have also taken the side of patriarchy if it were even a contested issue in the political climate of the day. This phenomenon is a good example of how SJW infiltration and convergence has ruined a Christian denomination just like it ruins everything else. If anything we can credit the church for holding out so long compared to secular institutions.

I am going to briefly go through the most discussed religious/denominational options for Dixians based on my impressions. I am going to focus on pragmatic issues as I see them related to our racial interest rather than appeals to doctrinal accuracy or even the Divinity of Jesus. It is my impression at this point in my life as a Christian that few ...

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